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Design for construction of wind energy structures. Steel, hybrid and full concrete towers are analyzed by means of the most reliable and advanced methods in order to provide an efficient design for cost reduction and high durability. The foundation design is also covered, from the planning of the site specific geotechnical investigation until the production of the construction drawings.

Structural Assessment

The structural assessment includes all those activities related to the investigation and analysis of existing structures. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of damaged structures or single components that exhibit a different behavior from the expected one. Reliability analysis of existing wind structures approaching the end of their lifetime. The most refined analytical and numerical calculation techniques are employed for a detailed diagnosis for the structure under investigation.

On-site Support

On-site activities are specialized services provided during the construction phase. Support for the following important procedures can be provided: assessment of the materials and execution quality, pile test planning and control, tower frequency check assessment, design of temporary structures and soil works. The main objective of the site activities is to ensure that the Client feels confident about the planning and execution of the civil structural works.